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The Best Boxes are created with the very finest of corrugated materials and contain no harmful elements that can damage your print music.  With almost 40 years

of use in thousands of music libraries, Best Boxes have proved to be the professionals choice. The Best Box music storage boxes are so versatile that you can

store your music library on shelves or even stacked in a corner on the floor.  There is never a need to remove the box itself since the boxes are so strong they will

support stacks of 10-15 high. Simply open the flap, remove the music and leave the stack or shelf as is until returning music.  Sometimes it’s useful to leave the

empty box flap slightly open to indicate that specific title is in use…and there are no annoying box tops to remove and get lost!   The printed flap allows you to index

each item by number, title, composer, arrangerand other details.  It has become very useful to use bar codes as well as these details to identify the various titles. 

The Church Musician* organizational program allows youto catalogue your music, create and print bar codes for each title as well as number each individual item

.Best Boxes are available in 6 different sizes to accommodate every print music configuration from octavos to concert band to choral collections to piano literature

toconductors scores to the very largest symphonic scores.  There is a size of Best Box to meet your needs!




If you are planning to convert your library from file cabinets, envelopes or any other less convenient form of storage to the BEST BOX system, contact us for a very attractive pricing offer.  We can help with incredible savings on large orders and help get your library organized.  Also, we will offer special prices with your new Best Box system and the Church Musician program.  It will be worth your time to contact us at:

Calvary Bible Church Music Library

Kalamazoo, Michign

Mark Duncan, Minister of Music


Part of The Score Library for The Boston Symphony..."The Way A Library should look!"