Church Musician 5

Music Administration Made Easy!

Main Features:

Catalog Your Music, Books, Audio/Video, Equipment, Drama

  • Search, Input, and Storage

Stay in Touch with Your People:

  • Choirs, Ensembles, etc.including e-mail, mail merge, & follow

Music Budget

  • Plan, produce, and export

Finding the Right Resources

  •  Contact Listing and Web Resources


New for Church Musician 5:

  • Barcode attendance tracking including attendance sync between a laptop and your server or master computer.
  • Barcode music library inventory (even if your music doesn't currently have barcodes)
  • Barcode music lookup/searching
  • Read more about barcode scanning and recommended scanners
  • New "Books & Documents" library for textbooks and methods
  • Multiple simultaneously-open library windows
  • Easy “Import from Excel” feature
  • Easy Data Transport feature


  • New Attendance Synchronization feature between 2 computers
  • More items in expanded UPC database
  • User-customizable library toolbar; select which buttons are present
  • Additional fields in most libraries: Location, Accompaniment, Additional Inst., Pub. Date, etc.
  • New “Total Inventory Report” under Libraries menu calculates total assets across all libraries
  • More QwikCurv onscreen movie tutorials


Haven't upgraded in a while?


Why Church Musician?

  • Church Musician has been on the market and upgraded consistently since 1986; the longest of any software of its type. That's eons in internet time!
  • We provide support by e-mail, fax and voice for each version's lifetime, not just a 90-day "window", and not just "e-mail only".

 Don't just take our word for it. Here's what a longtime user says:

“We found it to do everything we need done, plus a lot more. It is a music-friendly relational database with templates for personnel files that can also store picture clips, attendance for all our choirs, orchestra, drama groups, etc., libraries of octavos and collections listing when they are used, equipment inventory, budget expenditures and income, vendor resource file, and a weekly worship planner that keeps track of CCLI songs for year-end tabulation. It can store video clips. It allows flexible report printout. It can export to other programs.” -- P.K.


Learn more about Church Musician 5's features!



System Requirements & Licensing

Requires 256MB minimum RAM; Pentium II-class or higher processor, Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE.

Licensing: Installable on networks at no additional charge. Install at home, office, wherever you need to get your job done, all for the price of a single copy.


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