Service Designer 5 Features

Hymnals and Worship Songbooks

Referenced in Service Designer 5.5

Hymnals/Hymn Supplements Worship Songbooks
Baptist Hymnal 1975
Baptist Hymnal 1991 All the Best Songs of Praise & Worship 1 & 2 (Lillenas)
Baptist Hymnal 2008 Best of the Best (Fellowship Ministries/Maranatha!)
Celebration Hymnal (Word/Integrity) Integrity “Praise Worship” Books 1-21
Chalice Hymnal (Disciples of Christ) Maranatha! “Praise Chorus” 3rd (red) and 4th (green) editions
Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELCA, 2006) Master Chorus Books 1 & 2 (Lillenas)
Episcopal Hymnal 1982 Songs for Praise and Worship (Word)
Hymn Supplement 98 (CPH) More Songs for Praise and Worship (Word)
Hymnal for Worship & Celebration (Word) More Songs for Praise and Worship 2 (Word)
Hymns for Praise and Worship (Word) More Songs for Praise and Worship 3 (Word)
Hymns for the Family of God (Paragon) More Songs for Praise and Worship 4 (Word)
Hymns of Glorious Praise (GPH) More Songs for Praise and Worship 5 (Word)
Hymns for the Living Church (Hope)
Hymns of the Spirit (Pathway) Scripture in Song 1-3 (Integrity)
Lutheran Book of Worship (ELCA, 1978) Worship Him 1-3 (Tempo/Lorenz)
Lutheran Service Book (LCMS, 2006) WorshipTogether 1.0-9.0 (EMI Christian)
Lutheran Worship (LCMS, 1982)  
New Century Hymnal (UCC/Congregational)
Presbyterian Hymnal (1990)
Rejoice Hymnal (Tempo)
RitualSong (G.I.A. Publications, Inc.)
Sing to the Lord (Lillenas)
The Faith We Sing (United Methodist Pub.)
The Worshipping Church (Hope)
United Methodist Hymnal (1989)
With One Voice (Augsburg Fortress)
Worship and Rejoice (Hope)
Worship His Majesty (Gaither)
Worship in Song (Lillenas)

*Note that you may add your own songbooks or hymnals to Service Designer in the "Custom Hymn/Song File". We are always at work adding new materials to Service Designer. If you wish to see a specific resource added, send us an email with your request.


New Features in Service Designer 5.0-5.5

  • Added the following songbooks: Integrity Praise Worship 21, WorshipTogether 8.0-9.0, More Songs for Praise & Worship 5 (Word).Added the following hymnals: Evangelical Lutheran Worship (Augsburg Fortress); Lutheran Service Book (Concordia Publishing House).
  • Store and attach PDF and MP3 files to any title for easy retrieval.
  • Includes Leadsheet Transposer to quickly transpose text-only leadsheets.
  • Added “Rehearsal Plan” feature to the WorshiPlan which allows inclusion of WorshiPlan songs in a rehearsal schedule.
  • More MIDI files included; now contains MIDI files for over 3,000 titles.
  • Links from the Revised Common Lectionary to online music stores and publishers with thematic resources for every Sunday in the church year.
  • Export of all WorshiPlan formats as Excel files in addition to printed reports.
  • New “Global Music Books Search” searches by title, topic, scripture or lyric word/phrase and displays or prints all resulting songs & hymns from one screen.
  • New “Tag single songbook/hymnal” feature to export only hymns and songs from a single hymnal or songbook to MediaShout.
  • New Data Restore feature, as well as improved Backup feature.
  • WorshiPlan notes can now be targeted individually for lighting, projection and sound; prior “Tech Notes” consolidated as “All Tech”.
  • Export lyrics as text files (requires CCLI and/or license).
  • Dozens of themed graphics included in Words & Music PowerPoint slides.
  • QwikCurv instructional videos now viewable through browser.


  • MedleyBuilder feature builds medleys in closely-related keys such as subdominant, dominant and parallel keys.
  • View RealPlayer Movie on the MedleyBuilder and WorshiPlan
  • Choose medleys of songs & hymns by Topic, Key (or closely-related key), and Tempo/Time Signature, then Tag them for inclusion in your service.


Create detailed Orders of Service in the WorshiPlan™, which can give you levels of targeted detail for your musicians, technicians, worship leaders and your bulletin. Do one session of planning in Service Designer and produce multiple, targeted output for the people you deal with each week.

  • Produce CCLI and usage reports. Reporting data is fully editable at all times.
  • Automatically compiles usage history for you, if you wish.
  • Automatically pastes in lyrics from hymns/songs you have “tagged” for use in a service.
  • Export your orders of worship as HTML to post on your church's website, or export as an Excel file to import into your publishing software.
  • Print custom formats from a single order of worship: Bulletin view, Worship Leader's view, Musicians' notes, Clergy Notes, Outline View, Tech notes (Lighting, Projection, Sound).
  • Export in HTML for web use or as an Excel-format "worship map".
  • Import content from the Church Musician administration software, if you also use that product. Automatically program and record usage for materials you have cataloged in Church Musician such as anthems, handbell pieces, collections & orchestrations.


Transposer & Music Notation Features

Leadsheet Transposer feature transposes text-only leadsheets.

There are 3 levels of music notation available with Service Designer:

1. Print transposable sheet music for hundreds of hymns

  • This function allows you to print the music from Service Designer. The two included methods (Finale NotePad and the Sibelius Scorch browser plug-in) allow you to play it back (scrolling playback), transpose it to any key, and print it. This does not require an internet connection. It does not require that you own Finale or Sibelius either.
  • (Sibelius Scorch Plug-in)

2. Create your own instant arrangements using Finale® or Sibelius®

  • Service Designer comes with hundreds of hymn notation files in both Finale and Sibelius formats. You may import these files into Finale or Sibelius, and further rearrange them, such as creating an instant arrangement for your church orchestra, adding lyrics, etc. You must own either the Finale (2002 or higher) or Sibelius notation software in order to do this.

3. Access hundreds of worship song notation file previews on the web.

  • Service Designer has built-in links to music for hundreds of worship songs from the website. Simply select one of the EMI Christian/WorshipTogether songs in Service Designer, click the link, and go to the page on the WorshipTogether site where you can play back the notation file in your browser, transpose, etc. Or you may elect to purchase the sheet music and related products online from

Words & Music Slides for Projection

  • This exciting feature in Service Designer allows your congregation to sing from projection screens with the music as well as the words.
  • This helps when you are introducing a new hymn or song, since even people who claim they can't read music can follow the rise and fall of the notes on the staff and learn a new song more easily.
  • It also helps keep your congregation musically literate, ensuring that you will continue to have people who can participate in your music program!
  • It is also visitor-friendly, since you shouldn't expect visitors to be able to sing a song from “words only” even if your congregation already knows it.
  • These slides can be used in any worship projection software such as MediaShout®, Easy Worship®, or PowerPoint®.
  • Use in 4 different formats: white text over picture background, white text over black background, black text over white background, or black text over white background with "gray" preview of next music line. Melody with words, or 4-pt. harmony with words.
  • Dozens of themed graphics included in Words & Music PowerPoint slides.

“Words & Music” Slides

Export Lyrics to MediaShout®

  • Use Service Designer as your lyric database for MediaShout®
  • Export the lyric database from Service Designer into MediaShout® to have over 8,500 songs instantly ready!
  • New “Tag single songbook/hymnal” feature to export only hymns and songs from a single hymnal or songbook to MediaShout.
  • Export ALL the songs you need OR just the ones you select for worship in Service Designer. No more need to download the songs from a website one at a time or wade through hundreds of songs you'll never use!
  • This function requires a valid CCLI license and/or license or copyright owner's permission. Full lyrics are given for over 98% of the titles in Service Designer. For the rest, keywords of the lyrics are given, or you may type in or cut/paste the lyrics yourself.
  • Lyrics can also be exported individually as text files (requires CCLI and/or license).

Note: The selection of specific stanzas of lyrics included in Service Designer for any hymns which occur in multiple hymnals are at Tempo's discretion. Some hymns originally had 15 stanzas or more when written. Individual hymnal editors made specific selections for their hymnals. You may elect to adjust the lyrics in Service Designer to your specific hymnal if you choose to do so. Lyrics for copyrighted songs are provided as written. They are to be used only in accordance with the terms of your CCLI license, license, or with the copyright owner's permission. Permission forms for many non-licensing-organization-member publishers are included in Service Designer.

Worship Resources

  • “Readings” library includes dozens of creeds, prayers, benedictions, calls to worship, etc. (or use your own) for use in the WorshiPlan.
  • Dozens of web links included for publishers, private and academic sites related to worship planning and add your own (internet access required).
  • Lectionary Resources
  • Suggests hymn and worship song suggestions for most lectionary readings.
  • Lectionary Anthem Calendar contains anthem suggestions for the entire church year. Type in your own anthem titles and cross-reference them with the lectionary.
  • What are Lectionaries?
  • Lectionaries are a systematic series of 4 scripture readings for each Sunday in the church year. Generally, there is an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, a New Testament epistle reading, and a Gospel reading. The readings are usually thematically unified, which aids in unifying service themes.
  • Who uses Lectionaries?
  • They have been used for many years by liturgical churches, such as Lutherans, Episcopalians, Catholics, etc., but in more recent years have been adopted by non-liturgical churches, particularly during the seasons from Advent through Easter.
  • The Revised Common Lectionary
  • In 1992, the Consultation on Common Texts, an ecumenical group of scholars, adopted and standardized the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary. This has been included in its entirety in Service Designer. The scriptures themselves (NIV translation) are included in addition to the scripture references.
  • Service Designer 5.0 now includes links to 4 lectionary-based resources on the internet, allowing the user to access thematically-related worship resources for every Sunday in the church year.
  • The Revised Common Lectionary in Service Designer also gives worship song and hymn suggestions for most lectionary readings. The user may also cross-reference anthems with scripture readings using the Lectionary Anthem Calendar. Suggested anthems are given, but the user may input their own libraries.
  • A second lectionary, the Common Lectionary, is also included with Service Designer. This lectionary's scripture references are open to user editing for churches which may follow their own denomination's lectionary (no full texts), into which you can type or paste lesson texts from your own preferred Bible version. The Common Lectionary also contains an anthem calendar and gives hymn/song suggestions for the lessons.
  • The complete NIV® Bible is also included as a worship planning resource in Service Designer. It is fully searchable, and the user may cut and paste from this into bulletins or projection software such as PowerPoint.


Library Cataloging

  • Service Designer contains 2 libraries which allow you to catalog your own music: a Choral/Vocal Library and a Keyboard Library. These libraries give the user basic choral and keyboard cataloging abilities. If additional music/media cataloging capabilities are needed, please see the Church Musician administration software.
  • Also contains "Readings" library for spoken elements in worship, stocked with dozens of calls to worship, prayers, creeds, litanies, rites, etc.
  • The Choral/Vocal Library allows cataloging of choral anthems and solo music. It may also be used in a more limited way to catalog collections such as musicals, cantatas, etc.
  • The Keyboard Library allows cataloging of piano, synth and organ music. It is particularly useful for keyboardists who are searching for music based on a given hymn tune, for example. This library is very comprehensive, but the user may use only those fields which apply to their needs.


Copyright Reporting

  • Produces CCLI and usage history reports.
  • Copyright permission forms in PDF format and online permission request links included for dozens of non-CCLI and publishers.
  • Produces CCLI and reports from your orders of worship. Reporting data is fully editable at all times.
  • Automatically compiles usage history for you, if you wish.


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